3 Great Exercises for Senior Citizens


According to the National Institute on Aging, regular exercise has many benefits for Senior Citizens. Keeping active can help you stay independent, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Exercise can also help prevent or delay certain diseases.

Most of all, exercise just helps you physically and mentally feel better.

Here are 3 great exercises that will get Senior Citizens active and feeling great fast:


1. Tai Chi. A gentle alternative to Yoga, Tai Chi removes stress by focusing on slow physical movements and breathing. Tai Chi is great for Senior Citizens because it’s a low impact exercise that takes it easy on stiff joints, bad backs, and achy bodies.



2. Walking. Yep, simple enough. Walking is great for arthritis and stiff joints. It isn’t as hard on the knees as running, and gets the blood flowing and muscles moving. Walk in the park, around the block, or at a fitness center.


3. Swimming. This water exercise is great for anyone with joint problems or achy body parts. The water lightens pressure on joints, hips, knees, and backs. Another advantage is water just feels great on the skin and can boost your mood!


Find simple ways to remain active. Not feeling well? It’s still recommended that Senior Citizens try to remain active to fend off diseases and other health issues that can start due to too much inactivity. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise plan, or ask them for recommendations on how to best remain active due to your current health status.

Do you have a favorite outdoor activity? Please share your exercise tips in the comments section below.

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