5 Tips to Stay Close with Friends and Family


Is it springtime yet? Depending where you live, winter may seem to be dragging its feet. But one way to beat the winter blues is to stay connected – with family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else who is good company!

Here are 5 tips to stay close with friends and family, especially during the winter blue months:


1.  Have a semiweekly call with your children and/or grandchildren, especially if they don’t live close by.



2.  Begin a weekly ritual with your spouse, like dining at your favorite restaurant or catching a weekend matinée.


3.  Flying solo? Book a weekly coffee date with a good friend; meet at a café or alternate between your place and theirs.



 4.  Look up an old friend and catch up. Laugh about old times while you’re at it.



5.  Sign up for Senior classes being offered in your area. You’ll meet new people and learn something new!


Whatever method you prefer to keep in touch with the ones you love, don’t hesitate to keep your relationships active and strong. Your golden years have arrived, so make sure you enjoy them by sharing them with quality people.

Share in the comments below your favorite ways to stay connected to family and friends.

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