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Success Story

The Journey to Success

Charles Mankamyer - President, General Agents - United American Insurance Company - First United American Insurance Company

Chuck Mankamyer, President of General Agents – United American

Chuck’s journey to success in the insurance business started in 1970 when he answered a blind ad for insurance positions. Fresh out of the Navy, Chuck was looking for an opportunity. He never thought it would be selling life insurance and Medicare Supplement products. Chuck saw the potential to earn a good living selling insurance when he learned that the Agency Owner and manager of the Agency he was interviewing with both owned yachts.

The Agency Builder

As a successful General Agent in Florida for more than 30 years, and now President of General Agents, Chuck knows what it takes to build an Agency and build leaders.

By 1979, Chuck contracted as a General Agent with United American. His Agency was small at first, but grew over time with the help of UA’s product portfolio. One day when his accountant showed that Chuck’s income stream for UA Med-Supp sales increased, Chuck realized his income from the other carriers he represented remained the same. This was the motivation he needed to continue a lifelong relationship with United American. As Chuck put it, “UA became my favorite company because they did what they said they will do. They promised less and performed more.”

The Leader at United American

Through the years, Chuck has achieved much success with UA. Some of his greatest accomplishments include:

Chuck speaks while Vern D. Herbel, UA CEO, listens in at United American Convention 2013 at Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA

Chuck speaks while Vern D. Herbel, UA Executive VP and CEO, listens in at United American Convention 2013 at Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA

  • Being a consecutive part of UA’s ‘Eagles’ club – an advisory board for top Agents – more than any other General Agent during his tenure.
  • More than four decades of insurance sales industry experience
  • Having the opportunity to work at the Home Office and lead the UA General Agency division

Always the competitor, Chuck decided to come to UA’s Home Office because he wanted a new challenge. He believed in the United American brand and was honored to serve as a leader with a Company that had supported him as a General Agent for so many years. As President of the General Agency Division, Chuck’s vision is to…

“…have UA be the most Agent-friendly company in the industry, and provide Agents with all the tools and all the opportunities in the world to be successful.”