Think big at United American

How to Advertise with United American

For Agent Paul Sheldon of Paul Sheldon Insurance & Benefits Planning, it’s as big as a billboard! Contracted with United American for about a year, Paul has been a highly active producer. His name and/or photo are generally found in … Read More

United American Agents know how to adapt

United American Agents Know How to Adapt

Our world is shifting all the time, and United American is consistently ready to meet these changes head on. New technology, policies, and people that impact our business will always spring up from time to time, but our Agents are … Read More

Show your gratitude for your United American policy holders

United American Provides a Gratifying Experience

Charles Mankamyer has been associated with United American since 1979 – first as a General Agent and, for the last four years, as a Senior Vice President in the Home Office. He recently received a Christmas card from United American … Read More