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United American Insurance Company Seniors

According to Pew Research, 4 in 10 Seniors don’t use the Internet and nearly 25% of Seniors don’t own a cell phone. 


While Millennials may tweet SMH after reading that stat, Pew’s research still shows a steady increase of digital technology use by Seniors in the United States.  In 2000 only 14% of Seniors went online, compared to Pew’s data in 2012 that indicates 53% of Seniors go online.  And, Seniors who own a cell phone increased from 69% to 77% in 2013United American LOVES that Senior Citizens continue to become more and more digital savvy. In fact, during the past year, United American Insurance Company has increased its digital presence and online tools available for our consumers and independent brokers.

United American Increases its Digital Presence

You are reading UA’s Official Blog.  That’s digital, and it’s an increase from what existed before.  United American has been online for a long time, but we continue to expand its digital presence, including Social Media.

United American Insurance Company Social Media

United American’s Social Media Presence

According to Pew, 46% of Senior Citizens use Social Media, which is nearly a 25% increase from four years ago.  Seniors use Facebook to keep up with grandchildren and out-of-town family.  Seniors read blogs.  Newspapers online.  Seniors watch videos on YouTube.  Seniors are becoming more and more tech savvy and actually prove to be more interactive on Social Media than youngsters.

Savvy Boomers and Traditionalists

The current Baby Boomer and Traditionalist generations are the tech-savviest Seniors the America has ever had.  The Internet. Mobile phones. Social Media.  And whatever comes next or is yet-to-be innovated, Seniors may not be the first on the scene, but they will learn it and use it and probably be the most engaged with it.

United American Insurance Company Seniors go Digital

 What do Senior Citizens like the most about using digital tools?


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