United American Fosters Growth the Right Way

Building a solid team is important to the growth of your Agency, and we want to do all we can to help you. When we get feedback from Agents saying United American is doing things right, we like to share that with you. Below are two Agent statements showing how United American and First United American treat prospective team members.

Agents Share Their Positive Experiences with United American

United American Fosters Growth

United American Fosters Growth

“Wow, I just finished your online appointment process. During my career, I have completed several appointment packages, some online, many more hard copy. Never have I completed an appointment package that was as easy and Agent-friendly as United American’s. If everything else is as Agent-friendly as your appointment process, this will be fun!”

“Thank you so much for the gift card you sent to me for ‘lunch at Chili’s!’ It really means a lot to me and indicates to me once again how United American cares about its associates and always does business in a positive way. I see this positive tone in everyone down the line at United American and on every occasion. It certainly gives me some wonderful selling points too.”

Have you had any exceptionally positive experiences while trying to forge your United American team? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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